Branch Manager and Pastor

ELGA Credit Union and New Testament Community Church

Kevin Galloway II is a tri-vocational leader who inspires learning in each arena that he serves. A local giant of a man, his leadership touches the lives of many residents through his professional, spiritual and educational endeavors. He has managed an ELGA Credit Union branch for over 11 years, with responsibility for 6 employees and a $40 million lending portfolio. As the senior pastor of New Testament Community Church in Burton, he leads an intergenerational, interracial congregation of over 250 members. Galloway also serves as an adjunct instructor at Mott Community College.

He holds a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Central Michigan University and a bachelor’s from the University of Michigan. Galloway is both skilled and gifted to teach, aiming for a level of learning that is beyond knowing or regurgitation. “True learning has to be applied,” he said. The same is true when it comes to his congregation. He mentioned that seeing people receive, comprehend and then master spiritual principles gives him the same type of reward. To Galloway, the proof of learning rests in the ability to execute what was learned or to change behavior. He shares and encourages learning through real-life examples. At any time you may find Galloway leading and serving youth at various community outings, speaking and sharing inspiration or cultivating educational and economic growth. He is also the pastor of Back to the Bricks.

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