As director of operations and human relations at Carriage Town Ministries (CTM), Nic Gatlin has been key to CTM’s response and continual operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has worked to maintain CTM’s mission of offering a safe emergency shelter and nurturing place.

During a pandemic, CTM found ways to quarantine residents inside their main buildings (the men’s dorm and the women/family building) and in the beautifully restored historic houses it owns in the Carriage Town Neighborhood. CTM also served as a safe place for Hurley to quarantine patients that had nowhere else to go.

CTM has employed innovative and creative approaches to take in COVID patients who have nowhere else to go and protect other residents. Beyond all that, Nic has led CTM’s Blueline Donuts operation, a social enterprise that provides low-barrier job skills and training, and great treats to the people of Flint.

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