Executive Director/Chair

Michigan Association of Conservation Districts/Genesee Conservation District

Danny Moilanen already has a long history of professional achievements, largely in the Flint community. He was the manager at the Flint Local 432 all-ages music venue from 2012 to 2014, running hundreds of shows and events. He ran Vehicle City Tacos (one of Flint’s very first true food trucks) from 2013 to 2018, bringing hundreds of people downtown on a regular basis to enjoy good food. He sold the truck and went on to work at Rep. John Cherry’s office from 2019 to 2021, and more recently has served as director of the Michigan Association of Conservation Districts since 2021. In that capacity, he has made considerable progress on state-level environmental advocacy, including procuring additional funding for the agency’s operation. Throughout this time, Moilanen has also been a DIY music promoter, including organizing the Vehicle City Fest on multiple occasions.

He has been on the Genesee Conservation District Board since 2019, and now serves as the chair of the board of directors. He is the former chair of the Genesee County Democratic Party and remains a member of the Executive Board (since 2021). He is the current treasurer of the Grand Traverse District Neighborhood Association and has served on its board since 2012. He also founded Social Cycling Flint in 2013 and Genesee Habitat for Humanity Young Professionals in 2020. In all of these roles, Moilanen has helped advance the mission of these groups with his passion for advocacy, his ability to organize individuals together and his desire to make his community a better place.

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