At the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, local musician Jason Waggoner started performing on his Facebook Live feed. It was basically on a whim with the hope of getting a couple of viewers. Soon, people discovered that this hour of good, live music provided them with an escape from worries about the virus. Now he brings his talents to social media two nights a week, giving his audience soulful entertainment, playing his guitar and singing songs everyone of all ages can relate to.
From the first day he went live on Facebook, he had a yellow chair that he would sit in front of and play his music. It quickly became a thing. Conversations turned to what he should name this live event, and it officially became the “Yellow Chair Diaries.”
As his following grew, “Yellow Chair Diaries” became a community of viewers who tune in every Tuesday and Sunday evening. Jason plays requests and will even learn songs if he does not know them. His performances have a virtual tip jar. When you tip him, he uses the money to purchase products from local entrepreneurs to give away to his listeners, hoping that it will entice them to come to Flint.
A native of Clarkston, he took a leap and moved to Flint 4 years ago, eventually buying his dream home in the College/Cultural area. He has since become an ambassador for the city. His latest project is a collaboration with Shon Hart and the Involved Dads project ( With Jason’s leadership, the Yellow Chair group will start a yearlong fundraising effort helping this cause. Jason also plays regularly at Cork on Saginaw, Tenacity Brewing and Market Tap in downtown Flint.

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