When the story of Flint & Genesee is told, we often hear about resilience and ingenuity, about the kind of innovation that has made history right here in Genesee County. These elements are certainly core to who we are, but there’s still more to the story. What’s underscored in this issue of AND magazine is another crucial part of the narrative of our place.

Tim Herman
Flint & Genesee Group CEO Tim Herman

Through the generations – especially recently as we’ve navigated global challenges – this community has seen partner organizations come together to find creative solutions. We’ve seen local businesses adapt to creatively meet their customers’ needs. And most of all, we’ve seen creative sparks within individuals lead to connections that positively impact those around them. Ours is a community built with hands-on creativity.

As we begin a new year and look ahead to what’s next for Flint & Genesee, it’s important to celebrate the contributions made by our neighbors and partners. After all, it’s this legacy of creative pursuit and innovation that continues to drive us forward together today. Then imagine what can be possible if each one of us finds a creative way to make a positive difference as well.

We never have to look far to find inspiration. Whether your pursuit is self-expression, entrepreneurship, or community service, you can find the creative support you need close to home.

For a start, experiences and hands-on learning are offered year-round on the campus of the Flint Cultural Center and through community education offered across the county. Self-started businesses and projects find support in the eTEAM, a network of entrepreneurial service providers including the Flint & Genesee Economic Alliance Small Business Help Desk. Opportunities to donate time and resources are organized by the United Way of Genesee County, which strives to make a positive impact by encouraging all to serve.

This brief list of opportunities truly just scratches the surface, but that’s the great thing about creativity – even the smallest spark can ignite something impactful. I hope the stories in the following pages will inspire you to take the next step, or maybe even the first step, toward fulfilling your passion in Flint & Genesee.