Growing and evolving talent needs have been a common theme throughout Genesee County in recent years.

Tim Herman
Flint & Genesee Group CEO Tim Herman

Across the state, we see partners working together to attract new talent for our growing businesses while also engaging our current and future workforce to keep them here. Locally, creative approaches to the internship experience are helping organizations build talent pipelines and strengthen connection with the community.

Summer internships are an important experience for college students, and an excellent opportunity for employers to meet future employees. Internship programs give students on-the-job training in their chosen fields and help them experience what it is like to be part of an industry. What’s even better is when an internship helps students envision their temporary community as part of their long-term future.

The Flinterns program offered by Flint & Genesee Education & Talent supports long-lasting connections between college interns and Genesee County. The five-week series hosted each summer is designed to immerse students in the culture and community of Flint & Genesee by giving them the opportunity to network, explore, and take part in local professional development.

Last year, 17 employers partnered with Flinterns, helping a collective 48 students form local connections and explore our region. And as Flinterns from the program’s first three years began graduating from college, we saw five get jobs here in Genesee County.

Thirty-one college students take part in the Flintern program with a visit to the Flint Insitute of Arts where the Marketing Director greets them inside the lobby.
Flinterns on a tour at the Flint Institute of Arts.

Employers of any size or industry can enhance their internship offerings by partnering with the Flinterns program. Together, we can help college students find opportunities in their fields, build relationships in this community, and tap into all that Flint & Genesee has to offer. When they experience what makes Flint & Genesee a great place to live, work, and play, they are much more likely to build a life right here.

The 2024 Flintern experience kicks off on June 20 with a full-day community immersion where students will visit local attractions, hear from area speakers, and network with other interns. If your organization is bringing on interns this summer and looking to enrich that experience, visit to learn more.